Holly linocut: stage two

The final colour is now printed. Each subsequent colour takes longer to dry than the last, so had to wait a few days before they were ready to package. Interesting result—spurred on to do the next design. A print run of 60 in total, on Olin Natural card stock, 150 x 150 mm


Holly linocut: stage one

Started work today on another Christmas card—a layered colour lino print. After carving the lino based on a quick sketch, I printed two shades of green in quick succession. Amazing how the second colour brings the design to life.

Festive letterpress

The christmas pop-up shop I’m participating in this year in Clerkenwell is fast approaching. Simultaneous with learning how to print on the Vicobold, I also need to produce a series of prints for the first week of December. Crumbs.

To start things off, my first design includes some letterspaced Bembo caps and some festive borders cast from hot metal on a Ludlow  caster by Matt McKenzie at Paekakariki Press. Rather than use them as traditional borders, I’ve placed them in blocks to create a festive patterned texture.

Each card is 150cm square and comes with it’s own ribbed kraft paper envelope. Printed in red/green/black letterpress ink on rough textured Cotman watercolour paper, 350 gsm.

First off the press

I’ve recently christened the press with ink and printed the very first official job on the Vicobold. This is a momento of thanks to all those people who’ve helped me get this far.

The image originated from a pencil drawing I made of the Vicobold conveted to metal plate; the type set on the reverse is a mixture of Bembo and Octavian metal type. Black letterpress ink on Starfine Natural White paper stock, 300 gsm. 210 x 148 mm

Colour linocuts

Most of my linocuts to date have been single colour prints. Only a couple have involved two colours; the key block is cut and printed first and then a second block is printed in registration to add another colour. Basically, an elaborate colouring in exercise.

A more exciting use of colour however, is the process of layering several coloured blocks to create a totally new, combined image … one that may not be fully understood until all the necessary blocks have been printed in situ.

This requires a totally new thinking process as you cut the blocks—still trying to bend my brain around it! I’ve started with a simple image of a letter ‘a’ as an icebreaker. If anyone would like a print, drop me a line.