Colour linocuts

Most of my linocuts to date have been single colour prints. Only a couple have involved two colours; the key block is cut and printed first and then a second block is printed in registration to add another colour. Basically, an elaborate colouring in exercise.

A more exciting use of colour however, is the process of layering several coloured blocks to create a totally new, combined image … one that may not be fully understood until all the necessary blocks have been printed in situ.

This requires a totally new thinking process as you cut the blocks—still trying to bend my brain around it! I’ve started with a simple image of a letter ‘a’ as an icebreaker. If anyone would like a print, drop me a line.


Press has landed (finally)

Fast forward a few months and the press finally sits behind me in the studio, cheerfully ignorant of how awkward it had been to coax it up three flights of stairs from a basement plus another set into its first floor home.

This involved stripping the machine down completely which, while not ideal, at least tells you a lot about how it all works. It also affords a rare opportunity to clean in those hard-to-reach places, although since being re-oiled and greased up again you’d barely notice anyone had bothered. Presses are happiest when rolling in their own filth apparently.

A special thank you to all those who helped me to dismantle, move, reassemble and get the press printing again—a massive team effort all round. Now to concentrate on putting it to good use.